Personalised Boxers

    Shop our range of Personalised Boxer Shorts and Underwear for Men. Our soft stretchy bum huggers will keep you and your fiddly bits nice and cosy day and night.

    Personalised Photo Boxer Shorts For Men

    This is one unique underwear gift that is likely to raise a smile for the man in your life; a pair of Personalised Boxer Shorts featuring your (or his) own photo! At Super Socks we knew we had the customisable sock game under control, but we felt like something was missing. Then it occurred to us - Customisable Boxer Shorts!

    In what has been described as the greatest discovery since Penicillin, the Super Socks team had created a pair of Photo Boxers worthy of even the grandest Gents in the land. 

    Gifting a pair of Personalised Boxers is as easy as can be; simply choose a style of Boxer Shorts that is likely to exude guffaws aplenty and upload a photo. Our team will get to work on creating you the best Personalised Boxer Shorts ever and get them to you in super-quick time.