Face Socks

    Browse our unique pairs of face socks. Choose a design upload a picture of your face and we'll do the rest :)

    Face Socks Featuring Your Own Photo

    At Super Socks we have the perfect, unique gift for your loved ones who need to know just how remarkably wonderful their faces are. Words haven’t done the trick, so now we have made it possible to celebrate just how gorgeous their face is by putting it on a pair of socks. 

    With our Personalised Face Socks you can put any face on to a pair of high quality socks for a unique and hilariously funny gift. Whether for a friend, a partner or a relative, we think you will be hard-pushed to find someone who didn’t appreciate such a wonderfully personal gift.

    With hundreds of sock styles to choose from, you could spend hours looking through to find the perfect pair, which is why we have collected all our popular Face Socks together in one place, to make it as easy as possible.

    Once you have chosen the custom photo sock style likely to raise a smile, simply upload your photos and we will take care of the rest.

    It’s never been easier to find the perfect Personalised Face Socks gift. Shop now at Super Socks.