Food Socks


    Unique Food-Themed Sock Gifts

    Babe, are you OK? You haven’t even touched your Personalised Food Socks.

    Whether you eat to live, or live to eat, we have got the perfect pair of customisable socks for the food-lover in your life. These socks are tantalisingly tasty and feature all your favourite comestibles; from Pizza to Tacos, Donuts to Chicken Nuggets… you know, all the healthy stuff.

    The only thing that could make these socks look even more scrumptious is your face. Upload a photo of yourself or the recipient to ensure these are the most unique food-themed socks in existence.

    So why not give a unique gift to the gourmet in your household with one of our delectable pairs of Food Socks? 

    Available now at Super Socks.