Face Mash Socks

    Create a unique pair of crazy face mash socks featuring your face (or anyone else's) 
    Simply upload a photo & we'll do the rest!

    Personalised Face Mash Socks

    What’s better than your face on a pair of socks? Your face mashed up many times all over a pair of socks, of course! Our Personalised Face Mash Socks take your beautiful visage and transform it into a glorious mash-up on a pair of high quality socks; creating what many are calling the funniest sock gift in the world.

    Custom Photo Socks are all well and good (and we should know, we’re the experts), but our Face Mash Socks take the game up a notch with either one or two faces creating a visual cacophony of fizzog!

    Browse our Face Mash Sock styles and create your own masterpiece by uploading your photos today.