Unicorn Socks

    Browse our collection of magical Unicorn socks featuring your face & photos. 

    Personalised Unicorn Socks Gifts

    Do you believe in Unicorns? At Super Socks they are pretty much our favourite mythical being, so it stands to reason that we felt compelled to create a collection of Unicorn Socks. There is only one thing missing from these beautifully, majestic socks though - your face! Yep, upload a photo of your face or anybody else’s for that matter, to complete the look!

    Perfect for adults and kids alike, our Personalised Unicorn Socks are the ultimate, unique gift for us who still carry a little magical innocence around with us wherever we go. So for the person in your life who believes Unicorns exist (we’re pretty sure they do!), why not create them their very own pair of Unicorn Socks?

    Give the most personal gifts you can with Super Socks.