Kids Food Socks

    Satisfy your little one's appetite with our range of personalised food socks. Whether it's ice cream or pizza, upload your photo to create unique kids socks they're bound to love.

    Personalised Kids Food Photo Socks Gifts

    If you have ever been caught up in a screaming match with your child, centred around the phrase “Just Eat Your Greens!”, then maybe you will be of the opinion that Kids and Food are not the most likely companions on a pair of gift socks. Well, before you judge, take a look at the delicious array of foods adorning our personalised photo socks: Cake, Ice Cream, Sprinkles and much more. These are certainly the main food groups as far as your little one is concerned.

    So why not celebrate the foods that your child bizarrely will never turn their noses up at and upload their photo onto a pair of our unique, custom photo socks? These scrumptious-looking socks will be sure to raise a smile and get those tummies rumbling.