Fruit Socks

Keep it fresh with personalised Fruit socks featuring your face or loved one! Choose from our huge selection of fruit for unique socks the recipient is bound to love.

Personalised Fruit Socks - Upload A Photo

Welcome to the fruitiest selection of personalised photo socks in the world. For those of us who would rather munch on a snack on the healthier end of the spectrum, these Fruit Socks are the tailor-made gift.

From Pears to Melons, Bananas to Tomatoes (yes, technically they are a fruit!), Super Socks have the perfect custom sock gift for all the fruit bats out there.

To give the sweetest gift known to man, simply choose the Fruit Sock style guaranteed to get their mouth watering and upload a photo of their face. Let us take care of the rest.

The man from Super Socks, he say YES!