Mortal Kombat Socks

Mortal Kombat Socks



    Are you ready to enter the Mortal Kombat. Your time is now.

    Let the battle begin! Shop our range of customised Mortal Kombat Socks

    Personalised Mortal Kombat Photo Socks

    Get over here and see our range of viciously cool Personalised Mortal Kombat Socks, just waiting to be customised with your photo. The Super Socks team are very gentle and mild-mannered, but put us in control of Johnny Cage, Liu Kang, Scorpion or Sonya Blade and we will knock seven bells out of everyone!

    So if one of your loved ones is a Mortal Kombat fan or hell-bent on conquering the Earthrealm, then a pair of unique, Personalised Mortal Kombat Socks could be just the gift to make them squeal with delight. Maybe they will go easy on you and not perform a Fatality on you next time you play too!