Looney Tunes Socks

Looney Tunes Socks


    Eh, what's up Doc?

    Get every loveable character from the timeless show along side your face on a pair of our socks!

    Th- th- th- that's all folks!

    Official Looney Tunes Personalised Photo Socks

    From Bugs Bunny to Tweety Bird, we have the perfect socks gift for all the Looney Tunes fans out there. The Super Socks team often find ourselves guffawing at all the classic Looney Tunes cartoons, which is why we thought we should create a range of Officially Licensed Looney Tunes Socks to adorn our feet.

    You can own a pair (or two) of these hilarious personalised socks by simply choosing your favourite style, favourite character and uploading a photo of your face… or somebody else’s face. It’s totally up to you!

    So, if you know someone who tawt they taw a puddy tat then give them the most unique gift in the game; a pair of Personalised Looney Tunes Socks from Super Socks.